MetEd screenshot in Spanish

The COMET® Program is an important international resource, with nearly one third of our registered users from outside the United States. COMET maintains an active Spanish translation program, which allows us to offer a Spanish-language version of MetEd, along with hundreds of hours of distance learning in Spanish. In addition, some lessons have been translated into French and a few are also available in Portuguese, Russian, and Bahasa Indonesia.

Basic Hydro International CourseWhile our primary service to the international community is the large collection of lessons developed through NOAA and other US sponsors, with funding from EUMETSAT, the Meteorological Service of Canada, and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, COMET has developed several unique products for an international audience. COMET has also made international adaptations of a number of lessons originally designed for US audiences. From time to time, COMET also hosts international courses in our classrooms and online.

CALMetCOMET staff members have been active for many years in WMO task teams and expert panels, and are active members of the CALMet Working Group, which hosts the CALMet Conferences.


COMET is a member of the Standing Conference of the Heads of Training Institutions Coordinating Committee (SCHOTI/CO-COM). This informal group is represented by the heads of training of well developed training centers. It works in association with the WMO's Executive Council Panel of Experts on Education and Training to provide guidance and assistance in the development of training resources for less developed nations.