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University of Nebraska: "The development of GOES-R GLM case studies for use in the AWC operational setting."


The Aviation Weather Center (AWC) is a unique NWS center in that forecasters have to predict convection for large domains with sometimes limited data. Forecasters provide these forecasts for the aviation community—not just in the United States, but for the entire Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The AWC has partnered with the University of Nebraska to study the potential of GOES-R pseudo Global Lightning Mapper (GLM) data by developing case studies over the summer. These case studies could be valuable to AWC forecasters especially in areas where there are limited data. The University will provide students to assist with collecting and analyzing the data to gain valuable insights into the potential benefits or negatives of the pseudo GLM data. The joint gathering and review of the data will be presented to staff at the AWC and also shared with the research community. This project will give forecasters a glimpse of the future technology, which could lead to better convection forecasts for the aviation community around the world.