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University of Washington: "An initiative for the improvement of mesoscale forecasting in the Pacific Northwest"

Final Report

This project was the first award made by COMET and was the prototype for the Outreach Program. The primary objective was to enhance
operational forecasting in the Pacific Northwest by conducting joint mesoscale research efforts with the NWS, promoting a broad range of interactions with the Seattle WSFO, and by facilitating the operational acquisition of regional observations. Specific accomplishments include: 1) beginning the creation of a regional mesoscale database by documenting sources of real-time telemetered data in the region and initiating the acquisition and decoding of this information; 2) planning a workshop on the meteorology of the Pacific Northwest; 3) beginning an intensive examination of Northwest snowstorms, including joint meetings on the problematic events of 15-17 February 1990; 4) collecting all manuscripts available on Pacific Northwest meteorology and beginning the process of entering them into a database; 5) setting up networked communication between the University and the Seattle WSFO; 5) transferring analysis and display software to the Seattle WSFO workstation; and 6) creating software for aiding forecasters in analyzing and forecasting local phenomena.