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University of Utah: "Mesoscale modeling for the western United States"

Final Report

This project focused on improving short-term predictions in the western United States. The main objectives were to

  1. Evaluate the Utah Local Area Mesoscale (LAM) model for its ability to predict in realtime the flow over complex terrain on time scales from 6-24 hours, and

  2. To improve the conceptual models of the interactions between mesoscale systems and complex terrain. The model was run over a domain encompassing much of the intermountain region and the results were accessible over the Internet so that operational forecasters could provide feedback on the usefulness of this numerical guidance for operational applications.

Another goal of the project was to assemble and archive mesoscale surface observations that would help improve the understanding of the dynamics and thermodynamics of storms in the intermountain region. In addition, the university also sponsored a 1994 Workshop on Weather Prediction in the Intermountain West, which has since become an annual event.

A subsequent COMET Cooperative Project continued this work.