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Florida State University: "Workshop on the impact of satellite products on global analysis and medium range prediction"

Final Report

Professional development of NWS forecasters is integral to the purpose of COMET. Accordingly, this project is the first Outreach project sponsored for the specific purpose of providing partial support for a workshop of interest to both the university and the forecasting communities. The workshop was hosted by the Cooperative Institute for Tropical Meteorology and the Department of Meteorology at Florida State University and was held was held November 14-17 in Tallahassee. The topic was the Impact of Satellite Products on Global Analysis and Medium Range Prediction. A primary emphasis of the workshop was on precipitation forecasting directly, through integration of satellite-derived products into numerical models, and indirectly, through application of resulting numerical model output in field forecasting. Scientists from the United States (NMC, ERL, HRD, NHC, NASA and numerous universities) along with a large international research group (ECMWF, UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, and India) attended.