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Jacksonville Univ.: "Data collection and archival for the Jacksonville Area Sea Breeze Experiment (JASBEX)"

Final Report

The Jacksonville Area Sea Breeze Experiment (JASBEX) was conducted from 23 July to 25 August 1995 at selected sites along the east coast of northeast Florida and southeast Georgia. Participants in the field study included organizations from federal agencies (the National Weather Service and Departments of Commerce, Defense, Transportation, and Interior), state agencies (Florida Air National Guard, St. Johns River Water Management District), universities (Jacksonville University and Florida State University), and many individual volunteers. The project was a pilot study to determine the best method to conduct a voluntary cooperative field program on a sub-regional scale. Two major scientific objectives were established

Outreach Program funding was used to hire three teams of student observers to record surface observations at coastal sites, to convert pilot balloon raw data to vertical wind profiles, and to perform electronic data entry of manually recorded data. Data were successfully collected during the field study, and final analysis of the data and comparative model runs is underway.