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Session 1A Remote Sensing and Modeling of Fire Occurrence,

and Behavior for Eastern States Wildland Fire

    Session Chair

Dr. Wei Min Hao
Project Leader
Fire Chemistry Project - FSL
PO Box 8089 - 5775 W Hwy 10
Missoula, MT 59807

George N. Serafino
Branch Chief
Satellite Analysis Branch
NOAA/NESDIS Satellite Services Division


Topics included

This session focuses upon remote sensing and modeling of wildland fire. It includes techniques and science for determining fire location, size, duration, and intensity. Also included are remote sensing and modeling tools for fuel condition assessments immediately preceding and after fires. In the session, new and existing modeling and remote sensing approaches for fire danger and fire behavior will be explored, along with meteorological considerations for fire management associated with these topics. Finally the session will address Improving fire danger and behavior indices for the eastern states.