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Session 1C Remote Sensing and Modeling for Wildland Fire in Eastern States Landscapes and Watersheds

    Session Chair

Dr. Tom Crow
National Program Leader for Landscape Research
USDA Forest Service Research and Development (WFWAR)
RP-C 4th
P.O. Box 96090
Washington, DC 20090

Dr. Susan G. Conard
National Program Leader, Fire Ecology Research
Vegetation Management and Protection Research
USDA Forest Service
Rosslyn Plaza-C, 4th Floor
1601 North Kent Street
Arlington, VA 22209 USA



Topics included

This session focuses on the implications of eastern states wildland fires at the landscape and watershed level. It will explore using remote sensing and simulation models for watershed and landscape fire disturbance assessments, watershed rehabilitation and remote sensing, wildland fire and eastern water supply implications, and wildland fire and change in eastern states forest and agricultural land structure. Recognizing that landscapes in the east developed through wildland fire as disturbance mechanism, the sessions will explore wildland fire from both its historical context and potential role in the shaping the landscapes of the future.