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Session 3A Remote Sensing and Modeling of Burned Areas, Fuel Mapping and Social Impacts of Fires in Eastern States

    Session Chair

Dr. Erik Berg
JFSP Manager
National Interagency Fire Center
3833 S. Development Ave.
Boise, ID 83705-5354

Dr. David Wong
Professor and Program Chair
Earth Systems and GeoInformation Sciences
School of Computational Sciences
George Mason University
4400 University Drive
Science & Tech I Rm 205
Fairfax, VA 22030


Topics included

This session explores how new technologies in remote sensing and simulation modeling can be applied to eastern states wildland fire management. It will include topics such as cost assessment of wildland fire in the east, cultural aspects of eastern wildland fires, values at risk, public awareness and concerns, changing views, values, and public needs. Additionally it will address what we know about the future of growth in the east and how this will relate to wildland fire management.