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"Development of Web-based numerical weather prediction (NWP) training module for the National Weather Service": William Bua, COMET Postdoctoral Fellow (NOAA Science Center)

Final Report

Accomplishments directly related to job duties:

  1. Worked with NWP PDS team to complete model physics training by December 2000

  2. Worked toward completion of PCU-2 matrix cells for AVN/MRF and Eta for model physics

  3. Completed, with Stephen Jascourt, the first PCU 3-4 case, published January 2000, on the "Millennium Storm" of December 30-31, 2000 in the northeastern U.S.

  4. Developed, with Stephen Jascourt, the first NWP PDS teletraining using VISITView software ("The Top Ten Misconceptions about NWP Models")

  5. From March 7, 2001 to present, completed Top Ten Misconceptions teletraining sessions, with Stephen Jascourt for over 50 field offices, training over 200 personnel

Accomplishments ancillary to job duties (as EMC "Webmaster"):

  1. Maintained EMC and Global Modeling Branch web pages, and handled e-mail queries about them.

  2. Became focal point in EMC for Web security—this is an ongoing process, which will have participation from all EMC employees with active Web sites

Ongoing work directly related to job duties:

  1. Develop PCU-2 AVN and Eta model physics ICs

  2. Attend EMC Global Modeling Branch bi-weekly meetings for "heads-ups" on model development that will affect forecaster use of the AVN and MRF models

  3. Continue work on Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC)/EMC "synergy" committee with Peter Manousos (HPC) and Stephen Jascourt (COMET/OM) to improve inter-center communications on model performance/ diagnostics and performance, and to share resources

  4. Continue to co-conduct teletraining sessions (Top Ten Misconceptions) scheduled through the end of April 2001

Future contributions in the coming year as a project scientist on the NWP PDS and related areas:

  1. Fill in the rest of the PCU-2 matrix as assigned with a goal of having all physics sections for AVN and Eta complete by May 31, 2001

  2. Create "vignettes" using actual events in support of training for PCUs 3 and 4 (assessing data initialization, use of NWP models in forecast process)

  3. Update PCU-2 for AVN/MRF for bundle of model changes will be taking place in late May and June, and additional changes anticipated in fall/winter 2001-2

  4. Participate in Regional SOO workshops as needed to provide guidance for use of COMET NWP training products, and to brief field SOOs on impending and/or implemented model changes. Already scheduled for Western Region SOO workshop in Reno NV from May 15-17, 2001

  5. Develop web-based real-time forecast information on important model physics quantities not presently available to the operational forecaster, as determined through development of the NWP PDS and gaps in AWIPS data

  6. Develop e-mail list server this summer or early fall patterned after the one developed for the Rapid Update Cycle (RUC)

  7. Assist the NCEP Global Modeling Branch in evaluating NWP experiments with the AVN/MRF

  8. Continue as focal point at EMC for Web/Internet issues. Assist in migration of data from old EMC server to new NCEP "Web farm" in June 2001