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Project Title (click links for more information) Topic Forecast Office University
Weather forecasting problems related to intermountain cyclogenesis Mesoscale Salt Lake City State University of New York - Albany
Classification of the Gulf of Mexico return flow regimes during the cool season Satellite New Orleans, San Antonio Oklahoma, University of
Detection of tornadic thunderstorms (Part 1) Convective Raleigh North Carolina State University
Study of mesoscale precipitation systems Fog/Low Stratus, Convective St. Louis Saint Louis University
Hydrologic database development techniques: Unit hydrograph procedures Obs./Tools, Hydrology/Flooding Denver Colorado-Denver, University of
Forecasting winter season coastal cyclogenesis in the Gulf of Mexico Winter Weather New Orleans Florida State University
The use of synoptic map-derived climatologies to identify analogs for forecasting situations Other Portland Oregon State University
Integration of mesoanalysis and synoptic scale analysis, application of mesoscale flow models, impact of sea-surface temperature fields Convective Monterey San Francisco State University
Detection of tornadic thunderstorms (Part 2) Convective Raleigh North Carolina State University
Adaptation and testing of an upper air diagnostics program to diagnose vertical motion fields in Pacific weather systems NWP Redwood City San Francisco State University
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