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Project Title (click links for more information) Topic Forecast Office University
Flash flood prediction in the tropical Pacific as an end-to-end forecast process Other, Hydrology/Flooding, Winds, NWP, QPF/QPE/Precipitation, Radar, Satellite, Convective, Mesoscale, Hurricanes/Tropical, Obs./Tools Honolulu Hawaii at Manoa, University of
Joint regional research Coastal, Fog/Low Stratus, Convective, NWP, Radar, Satellite, Hurricanes/Tropical, Other Tallahassee Florida State University
Selective mesoscale analysis, research, and training (SMART) NWP, QPF/QPE/Precipitation, Radar, Convective, Mesoscale, Other, Winter Weather Raleigh North Carolina State University
An evaluation of the warning utility of tornadic vortex signatures detected by WSR-88D radars Other, Radar, Convective NCEP Oklahoma, University of
An integrated investigation of multisource rainfall estimates on the Upper Mississippi River Valley Obs./Tools, Hydrology/Flooding, Satellite, QPF/QPE/Precipitation La Crosse Wisconsin-La Crosse, University of
Mesoscale modeling for Arizona Hydrology/Flooding, NWP, Other Tucson, Phoenix, Flagstaff Arizona, University of
Web-based tornado spotter training support - A pilot project Convective, Other Johnson Iowa State University
Meso-Eta simulations of a troublesome heavy rainfall event Mesoscale, NWP, Convective, QPF/QPE/Precipitation NCEP State University of New York - Albany
Multiple sensor rain estimation over complex terrain (Grad. Fellow: J. Gourley) QPF/QPE/Precipitation, Radar, Satellite Norman Oklahoma, University of
Analysis and mesoscale simulation of a Kona Low in Hawaii Winds, Obs./Tools, Convective, Mesoscale, Hurricanes/Tropical Honolulu Hawaii at Manoa, University of
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