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Project Title (click links for more information) Topic Forecast Office University
Why and when lightning ground flash hot spots occur in the National Weather Service Southern Region Convective Lake Charles Texas A&M University
Advanced forecast and warning criteria for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms in the northeast United States Radar, Convective, Mesoscale Albany State University of New York - Albany
Improvement of lower boundary conditions and model verifications for the mesoscale spectral model Other, Winds, NWP, QPF/QPE/Precipitation Honolulu Hawaii at Manoa, University of
Synoptic and mesoscale precursors to heavy wintertime precipitation events in Burlington, Vermont Other, QPF/QPE/Precipitation, Winter Weather Burlington McGill University
1999 National Weather Service/Texas Tech University severe weather conference Convective, Other Lubbock Texas Tech University
Correlating tornado touchdown frequency with surface roughness in Georgia Convective Peachtree City Georgia Institute of Technology
Large-scale signals for mesoscale phenomena affecting Iowa NWP, QPF/QPE/Precipitation, Winter Weather Kansas City Iowa State University
Verification of SAR winds in the southeast Alaska Inner Channels Mesoscale, Satellite, Winds, Other Juneau Millersville University
Improving anticipation of the influence of upstream convection on QPF Convective, QPF/QPE/Precipitation, NWP Raleigh North Carolina State University
Use and verification of high resolution weather research and forecast (WRF) model output as NWP guidance for fire weather prediction NWP, Fire Weather Greer North Carolina at Charlotte, University of
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