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Project Title (click links for more information) Topic Forecast Office University
Development of the WN09 dry thunderstorm forecast procedure Fire Weather Reno Desert Research Institute
A composite analysis of major ice storm events in the county warning area of Springfield, Missouri Winter Weather, Climate Springfield Saint Louis University
Support of the Sixth Southwest Hydrometeorology Symposium (September 27-28, 2011) Hydrology/Flooding, Convective, Other Phoenix Arizona State University
Extreme precipitation across the Tallahassee FL NWS forecast area associated with Tropical Storm Fay NWP, Hurricanes/Tropical Tallahassee Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of
High-impact forecasting in the southeast Texas upper-air sparse region Convective, Winter Weather Houston Texas A&M University
Climatology and conceptual models of snowfall distribution in cold-season central U.S. cyclones Winter Weather Sioux Falls Central Michigan University
The history and influence of dry air in a large, wintertime, North American Extratropical Cyclone Winter Weather Davenport Missouri-Columbia, University of
Evaluating HWRF forecasts of tropical cyclone intensity and structure in the North Atlantic basin Hurricanes/Tropical, NWP Melbourne San Jose State University
Determining the abilities of operational numerical models to forecast tropical cyclogenesis Hurricanes/Tropical Miami Florida State University
Identifying and understanding displacement biases in numerical forecasts of elevated convective systems NWP, Mesoscale Hydrometeorological Prediction Center Colorado State University
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